Christine D Russell, Sea and Landscape Painting

The day I discovered oil paints in 2012 my frustration with art vanished. I am privileged to be able to give so much pleasure to so many people while doing what I love. Painting gives me a rest from the physical work of the garden although the concentration required challenging.

The Gallery in the garage at An Ceardach
Waiting for the Tide, Isle of Gigha 5×5″

Boats from the Shetlands, the Hebrides and Kintyre are among my favourite subjects

Ready to go to the framers
The Inneans , West Kintyre 9×9″

Many pictures are commissions for presents. A walk to The Inneans was a favourite destination for one of the walking group members. The group gave him the picture as a nice reminder of the day

A’Chléit Beach looking to the Isle of Cara

Fantastic scenery, the ever changing ocean and light are my inspiration

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